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    When it comes to interior decoration, there is a great need to be reminded of the fact that it goes a long way in speaking about you and your personality. This goes to a large extent to determine the atmosphere obtainable while within the comfort of your home. Property decorations come in different forms and categories ranging from simple to the most complex. The category of the decoration you choose depends on several factors which include cost, materials used in the decoration, the types of colours, and the type of flooring and the nature of the climatic condition.

    At Rad Property Solutions all our property decorations are carried out with your taste, and spending capacity in mind. We take the pieces of information you make available to us and we change them into wonderful designs that will keep your home as comfortable as possible. our team of experts is well equipped with the right knowledge and several years of experience to deliver top-notch decoration services that will perfectly fit into your taste, the weather condition and also the type of flooring.

    Why Us?

    At Rad Property Solutions, we have been in the act of property decoration for several years. These years have granted us the ability to perfectly understand what really works for different homes.


    At Rad Property Solutions who will provide you with expert advice on the choice of decoration types and the skilled professionals to help you carry out the entire process. All our decorations are cost effective and are tailored to suit your home style.

    What We offer

    Painting and decorating

    We are experts in the provision of home paintings. Our painters and decorators take into consideration your taste in terms of complexity and types of colours to be installed. We take this information you provide us and turn them into wonderfully crafted decorations that will make your home stand out.

    Internal painting and decorating

    Our internal painting is designed with your ideas and requests in mind. Being in the business for quite a long time has given us the chance to understand what really works for your home system. We take a step by step approach to give you the necessary assistance in choosing the best colour that will complete your interior décor and also give your house a contemporary look.

    External painting and decorating

    Our external paintings are durable and done with precision and accuracy. Our team of experts can go the extra mile to ensure your exterior is well attended to.

    Protective coating

    Our protective paintings take into cognisance the weather and climatic conditions which may affect the finishing of your home decoration over time thus, we go the extra mile to ensure that all your decorations and paintings come with a protective coating which keeps them looking all clean and nice.

    Planning to redecorate your flat?

    To find out more about all of our services, including plumbing, property refurbishment, painting and decorating, handyman, flooring, and electrical services across the UK, don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and efficient team today. We are just one call away!