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    Handyman just as the name implies is an individual capable of doing a wide range of tasks, typically around the home. They could involve trading situations, repair jobs, upkeep or maintenance of housing components which could be exterior or even interior in nature.

    Handymen work by the project, paid by maintenance companies, construction companies, and building, complex or property management companies. Most often than not, these handymen show their skills in assessing the project in view and deducing working methods or suggesting approaches to achieving the goal, drafting the estimated cost for labour and the materials required and performing the jobs as perfectly as possible. At Rad Property Services, our handymen are available to take care of your home needs at all times.

    Why Us?

    At Rad Property Solutions, our handymen have been well trained and certified with the right professional bodies to take care of your home needs. They have several years of experience in their bag with which they bring to work each time you engage our services. Our team of Handymen are completely competent in different home needs thus making as handy as possible.


    At Rad Property Solutions, we believe the success of our brand solely lies in your satisfaction as our esteemed customer. All our operational costs are affordable and can fit into any form of a home budget.

    Customer support system

    We provide a 24/7 customer support system which is ready to settle all the challenges relating to your home needs. Our customer support system is available on Phone and email.

    What We offer

    Plumbing services

    At Rad Property Services we are well aware of how plumbing needs can be very annoying most especially when it has to do with leaks. We have skilled and well-equipped plumbers to handle all plumbing installations, part replacements, and repairs: replacing, repairing, removing or installing drainage pipes, fitting or change of sinks and basins of plumbing systems.

    Hanging Service

    We offer home solutions by assisting you to get the needed help to settle your new appliances or accessories (TV. wall mountings, blinds, and curtain fittings, hanging pictures, installing shelves and hanging mirrors) with care and grace, efficiently and in record time too. Our handymen come with all the skills, tools and experience that will be required to settle your hanging needs.

    Odd jobs

    With all circumstantial jobs, Rad property solutions still offer high-quality assurance, fair pricing mostly based on time and instant ways to reach us with full confidence in our immediate response.

    Furniture Assembly

    You can entrust our experienced and fully insured professional handymen with home or office, indoor or outdoor assembly of furniture. All brands included, we have the capability to assemble furniture we’re sure you can use for as many full moons as possible.

    Tiling services

    Rad Property Solutions handyman flat pack tiling services will have you fully satisfied along with efficient and professional stylish work. We also offer unique advice on how to choose the best cost effective tiling systems for your homes.

    Looking for a Handyman?

    To find out more about all of our services, including plumbing, property refurbishment, painting and decorating, handyman, flooring, and electrical services across the UK, don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and efficient team today. We are just one call away!