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    The rate at which our lives now depend on equipment, devices or tools is at an alarming rate. This has been one of the very many reasons much emphasis needs to be given to the electrical components. Owing to the fact that the home, including our life, is incomplete without electrical fittings, we ought to do all we can to get the installations right. This is not just limited to new buildings; it is important we also perform tests and checks on the electrical framework of desired dwellings, industrial settings, and commercial centres.

    Installing the right electrical fittings does not just beautify the home but it also takes into cognisance, the safety of your homes. While these electrical installations are very important, people tend to end up with the wrong fittings due to an inadequate knowledge. Although there are a lot of individuals who may pose as electrical experts, there are only a few that can comfortably provide you with the needed information on the best ways to go about choosing the right kinds of hard-wired electrical systems in your home.  


    At Rad Property Solutions, we have been in electrical system installations for several years. These years have granted us the ability to perfectly understand the working principles of electrical systems and how they perfectly fit into your homes.


    Our team of experts is highly skilled. We approach your electrical works with much enthusiasm because we believe your success is our success.

    Customer support system

    We provide a 24/7 customer support system which is ready to settle all the challenges relating to your electrical installations. Our customer support system is available on phone and email.

    What We offer

    At Rad Property Solutions, locating qualified specialists is no longer a problem. Our team of experts is ready to take care of your;

    Complete and partial wiring

    We plan and install complete and partial wiring outlines for new or older buildings.

    Fuse box replacement:

    We go the extra mile to ensure all the components of your fuse box are in order. We make sure they are upgraded to meet the demands of your home system.

    Emergency Light Installation

    Emergency lights come up when there is a power cut due to fires and similar hazards. Our team of experts is on the ground to install the best responsive emergency lights for your homes.

    Fire Alarm

    We carry out inspection for discontinued alarms or upgrading to other domestic heat and smoke alarm options like alarms for the hearing impaired or combined alarms with multiple sensors.

    CCTV installation

    We engage in CCTV Installation services that perform resourcefully for safeguarding your home and business. An ultra-efficient alarm system that acts as a very strong protective measure against intruders while also informing the staff as well as the police as and when vital can be arranged.

    Fault detection and EICR issue

    Our engineers are in charge of the processes of observing the electrical skeleton of the property for faults, rectifying the faults and thus issuing an Electrical Installation Condition Report thereafter.

    Looking for an Electrical Services?

    To find out more about all of our services, including plumbing, property refurbishment, painting and decorating, handyman, flooring, and electrical services across the UK, don’t hesitate to contact our highly trained and efficient team today. We are just one call away!